Our Packages

What you'll get in all our packages

We don’t believe in limiting what you get for your money in terms of features such as banners, sliders, videos, buttons etc. But take note, if you add too many vegetables you won’t taste the meat!


You are looking for a web pressense with your own domain name, up to 5 pages, email addresses, contact form etc. This is the very minimum that we would recommend a business has.

Starter Plus

Now you are ready for something more substantial, something up to 10 pages where you can direct on-line advertising to a landing page, something to start a conversation with prospective clients.


Now it’s time to start using your site, with automated responses to queries and signups via a database. Up to 15 pages with a way to collect client information so that you can send them newsletters, product information, specials. When you use PPC (pay per click) to get visitors to your site, you only want to pay for it once!

Business Plus

Another salesman to handle your on-line sales, from product listings to shopping baskets and payment gateways. Your full on e-Commerce web site.

Add Ons

Google Ads, SEO, live chat, social media marketing, copywriting services, monthly updates, graphic design, logo’s, etc.

We’ll even teach you to “How to Create and Maintain your own website” Many of our past students have gone on to create really successfull sites for themselves and their clients.