Web Design Course

Learn how to create and maintain your own website

Be your own Webmaster!

Yes, you can! Become the master of your own destiny, take control of your website now.

This two-day course offers hands on, interactive training and guides you through a step by step process to create a personal or business website of your own quickly and efficiently.

Are you frustrated because you have to pay someone every time you need to make a small change to your website?

We hear you, it can be rather annoying. The problem is that the poor web designers also need to eat :). So if your site wasn’t created by World Wide Webs – because we would show you how to do your own basic updates and maintenance – you can do all of it yourself. That’s right, in the time it took you to compile an e-mail to explain the changes, you could have completed and published it already.

They don't seem to understand what it is that you want?

You keep explaining that you want the thingy-ma-bob with the doodley-day over there, and in a paler shade of chartreuce … But really?! Are all web designers monkeys? Hey, wait a minute! Not all design companies take the time to understand what it is that YOU want.

At World Wide Webs we do go the extra mile, but if you still think you can do a better job, why don’t you? 

We will show you how and then you can do it your way.

You just want to do your own thing?

You are a go-getter and you like to be in control. You know what you want and if you just knew how, you’d get it too.

We’ll show you how to build your own professional website, in fact, we will do more than that, we’ll take you through the process and make sure that your site is up and running by the time you leave.

Why should you do this course?

You will walk away at the end of the course with a workable, fully functional website, and all the resources you need to develop the website further in the future!

You will have your complete website online, exactly as you want it, in just 2 days!

After that, you will be able to update, maintain, refresh or start over as, and when, you please. No waiting, no explaining and no charge!

Here’s what you get:

A complete website

You create your professional website during the course, while we go through the steps. Think about it, it will cost you less than to commission a designer.

Free hosting for 6 months

This way you don’t have to worry about a thing, it’s all taken care of. After the 6 months, you may choose to continue hosting with us or move you website to a hosting provider of your choice. We don’t hold your domain ransom, it it yours.

A licensed copy of Divi

All the beauty and order you see here was created with our beloved Divi by Elegant Themes. You get your own licenced copy to carry on creating.

Delicious lunches & refreshments

Designing websites is tough work and you might work up an appetite, and we want to take good care of you.

Small classes

Classes are kept to a maximum of 6 delegates, so everyone can enjoy the attention they deserve.


Eligibility to attend refresher classes at cost

You are welcome to come and refresh your skills at our cost price, provided we have space available.

Your own domain name

We will register a domain of your choice for you e.g. www.worldwidewebs.co.za, so you can get online immediately.

50 Full e-mail boxes

 Yes, 50 might be overkill, but we want you to know that you can have as many as you like, there is no extra charge per e-mail account. You may also have unlimited aliases, but that’s probably a story for another day.

A Course Workbook

This is your step by step manual containing everything covered in the course.


Step by step guidance from Web Professionals

No one gets left behind, we will guide you through every step of the process and help you to create the very best website for your needs.


Certificate of completion

Each delegate will receive a certificate upon completing the full course. You will have to earn it, though.

The gift of knowledge

After this course you will never look at websites the same way, you will know what goes on behind the scenes and what to look for. You’ll also be able to help others.

We will teach you

Everything you need to know to get your website up and running as soon as possible and as professional as possible.

  1. The important stuff to get your website online as soon as possible, not too much jargon and history
  2. How to plan your site effectively so you don’t waste time later
  3. What to look for in a world class website and how to make that happen on your own site
  4. Good design techniques and priciples and why they work
  5. How to add exciting little interactive touches
  6. How to always get professional results
  7. How to manage your website afterwards
  8. How to make sure your website is found online
  9. How to integrate social media content into your WordPress website
  10. And more of anything you want to know about
  • Just the important stuff
  • Planning is everything
  • Design techniques for non-creatives
  • Cool stuff for your website
  • Create an online image that you’re proud of

It’s far easier than you think!

Almost anyone can do it

If you are familiar with your computer and are able to use a word processor and the internet – you will be more than able to create your own website. No experience of building, creating, designing or running websites, or WordPress, is necessary. That being said, this is a fairly intensive course so please come prepared for some serious learning.

For those of you who know WordPress and are looking to just learn Divi, day two is all that you require.

Why do you need a website?

It’s okay to wonder WHY you need a website but not IF you need one. Identifying your WHY is an important part of the process, but thinking that there is a possibility that you can get away without a website, is a complete waste of your precious time. That just leaves you with one more question: HOW?

  • Most consumers won’t even consider a business without a website
  • People search for products and services online, in fact 97% of consumers research online before purchasing
  • 75% of consumers admit to judging a company’s credibility by the look of their website
  • Your website can answer all the basic questions for you immediately
  • An online presence can level the playing field
  • Having a website will attract new customers to your business
  • The reach of social media is drastically declining
  • A website provides social proof and credibility
  • You’re in control of your website, you own it
  • All your competitors have a website
  • Your website is open for business 24 hours a day anywhere in the world
  • It’s one of the most cost effective forms of marketing

Why do you want a website?

You don’t have to be in business to have a website, there are many other causes and reasons to create a website, and once you start, you’ll be hooked. What if Insta fell over and broke, how will you ever find your kitty pics again?

Your wedding – do everything online, from RSVPs to the rigistry and show off the pictures.

For your baby – whether human or four legged, add some cuteness to the world.

Share your creativity with the world, it could soon turn into a real business.

You’ve discovered sport and you feel fantastic, you want to shout from the rooftops.

Some things are worth fighting for and the world needs to know.

Seriously, from your local community, complex, security forum to your daughter’s dance group or your son’s soccer club to the book club that actually reviews the books, everyone could benefit from a website, even if it’s just for fun.

Don’t take our word for it

Over the years we’ve passed on this sacred knowledge to many happy students, from entrepreneurs to brides to be, artists to accountants, winemakers and hobbyists.

“I absolutely loved all that I learnt! it is so empowering to be able to do my own web site.”

Riana van Schalkwyk

Owner, Ri's Creations

“My website now truly represents my business, I am over the moon with the result. I previously paid a company to do my website and it was a mess, it just never got finished and I felt it hurt my business. Thank you!”

Nellie Scholz


“I couldn’t believe my own creativity, the facilitators helped me make my web look extremely professional. I still can’t believe that I did it myself.”

Rowan van Wyk

Small business owner

“This changed my life! I am now fully in control of my blog and website. I can create everything as I visualise it.”

Didi Khumalo

Blogger & Singer

You asked

There’s no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away.

What if I already have a website?

You can revamp your existing website, all you need to do is make sure that the server it is hosted on is WordPress ready.

I am not very creative, can I still do it?

You most certainly can! We’ll show you how to use ‘templates’ and/or other tecniques to make sure that it always looks professional.

Can I do websites for others after the course?

Yes, you will have all the knowledge, so there’s nothing stopping you. Many students have started their own web design business.

Can I host my site elsewhere?

You’re welcome to host your site wherever you like. We do include 6 months’ free hosting, but it’s completely optional.

Do I have to pay extra for e-mail?

No, there is no extra charge.

Is the domain name mine forever?

Yes, as long as you pay the yearly renewal fee. Your hosting provider will inform you when you need to do this.