About us

World Wide Webs is a team not a company

We’d rather be great than big

We are a team of creative experts, each in a different area. Design and technology are both fluid and the change is constant, this is what excites us about our industry. We continually work to improve what we do and how we do it. 

Teamwork makes the Dream work

We think big and act boldly

Together we can achieve anything

Eridge Marketing was founded in 1998 and offered a full range of print, design and web development services as well as animation and marketing. Over the years we served many clients ranging from non-profits to motor racing, IT to pharmaceuticals. Even then our clients appreciated the fact that they could get all their branding, design and web development under one roof. The result was, and still is, a unified strategy that is both efficient and cost-effective.

Later Eridge Marketing was once again at the forefront of innovation when it offered clients the opportunity to design and maintain their own websites. A hands-on, interactive, instructor led course called “How to create and maintain your own website” was launched and ran for several years. While the clients learnt, we learned  a whole lot more about them, their needs and what they thought web design was about.

Fast forward to 2012 when the “Mother Company” was aquired by Profit-Re-Engineering, essentially a consulting company with very strong IT foundations. Although it wasn’t quite business as usual, the old school values of the original Eridge Marketing were retained.

That brings us to today, it was once again important for the design and development arm to stand alone thus, World Wide Webs was born. We are very excited about this! A new company with old roots, deep values and a team of old and young minds providing the perfect balance of prudence and innovation.

History repeats itself

A new era

A fusion of
old-school values
and new age ideas

We’re focused on doing it right and fixated on results.

We understand what our clients need, so we design and build creative solutions with the objective of getting the outcomes our clients want.

Every project is different (which is why we love what we do), and our clients benefit from our years of experience. We never stop learning though, we work smart to make you look smart, but we like to keep it simple too. We are happy to work behind the scenes while you receive all the credit.

If you’re looking for web design people who will meet your objectives, exceed your expectations and communicate in plain English, give us a shout.